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5 weight loss mistakes

Lose weight

Here are the 5 most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

Mistake #1: Trying to “lose weight” instead of “fat”

First of all, the human body is not just “weight”. It has both fatty tissue and lean tissue (like muscles, internal organs and bones etc).

Lose weight

What if someone cut your right leg? Hey, this would certainly help you lose weight. But is that what you would want?

What if someone took a knife and cut a piece off your thighs? That would help you lose weight” too.

What if someone could “magically” make your vital organs like heart and lungs smaller? That would help you lose weight as well.

What if I told you that your bones would become thinner? This will cause you to lose weight as well.

Is that what you want? What’s that? You said “no”? Then why do people commit this exact same crime against themselves every day?

What you really want to do, is not to lose weight. It’s to lose fat. Otherwise, if you currently look like a “pear” and end up losing “weight”, you will just end up looking like a smaller pear.

But, if you lose fat and preserve or even increase your muscle tissue, you will look (and be) healthier, stronger and look like a million bucks. You will do more than just lose weight.

Mistake #2: Going on a “diet”

I’ve got news for you. Starvation diets don’t work. Once your body senses that you are not receiving enough calories and nutrients to sustain yourself, it lowers your metabolism even more. After a while, not only will you be miserable from your starvation diet – but your efforts to lose weight will stop bearing fruits as well.

What you need to do is actually nourish your body. And you do that by *eating* (novel concept, huh?). The foods you eat should be very nutrient dense. That will give your body all the “ingredients” it needs to be strong, healthy and reach its ideal weight. When you feel hungry, your body is asking you for nutrients. So provide them!

Mistake #3: Eating “3 squares” a day

Somehow, the idea of “3 square meals a day” has made its way into our culture. Not sure when that happened but I can tell you that it’s not helping your weight loss goals. Here’s why: If you eat 3 meals a day, then you go almost 8 hours between meals without eating. Now, I can understand that happening at night when you sleep – but during the day it will be a disaster. I can almost guarantee you that, if you eat so few times a day, you will be starving by the time it’s time to eat. And guess what you will do when you sit down at the table? You will eat everything in sight. All the wrong foods and in all the wrong amounts. There’s no way you are going to lose weight in this manner.

What you need to do instead is have more frequent “mini meals” throughout the day. 5-6 is about right for most people. When you do that, you give your body a steady influx of nutrients which it needs to function properly. When you do this, you will find that you have more energy throughout the day without those “crashes.” You will also tend to make much more wise food choices, because you will not be feeling “so hungry that you could eat a horse.”

Mistake #4: Not drinking enough water

You have probably heard this one before, right? We are about 70% water. You can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water. This should tell you how important water is to our health. Many people get too hung up on trying to “lose pounds” and they don’t realize that trying to be healthy first and foremost will lead to their ideal weight. I know of people who would like to lose weight, even if that destroyed their health – which I find weird as well as downright scary.

Many times, our brain confuses the signal of thirst with that of hunger. We should drink water but instead we eat (and we eat all the wrong things).

So, drink water throughout the day. Do it first thing in the morning as that’s when you are the most dehydrated. Drink as much as you can between meals. Having a tall glass of water 30 mins before your next meal will keep you fuller.

If you find water too boring, you can try squeezing some fresh lemon juice in your glass to give it more taste (and some extra antioxidants that are good for you anyway).

Mistake #5: Relying on discipline and sheer will-power

How many times have you said “This time I will do it. I will lose weight no matter what!” Then, 2 weeks later you have abandoned the effort. Don’t feel bad –because this is an experience almost all of us go through.

Listen up: Discipline and will power are extremely overrated. Most people have only so much of these traits. Let’s face it: We are creatures of habit. If you are trying to lose weight by relying on discipline, will power or “toughing it out”, it will never take you very far.

What you need to do is follow a program that you actually enjoy. There are many ways to make your food more tasty and your activities more fun.

Another thing that will help you tremendously is harness the power of “positive routines”. Basically, there are ways for you to “install” the new habits in your life so that it feels more natural to follow them than not to follow them. After a while, you will be healthier and leaner and you won’t even be feeling like you are doing anything “special.”

Try these tips and you will lose weight!