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What the plugin does:

The headline of the salesletter says it best:

Traffic-getting, SEO Wordpress plugin optimizes all your posts and pages for Google, for your desired keywords, with just one click..."

Click this link to to see the full 1-Click WP SEO WSO thread, which includes a video demo of the plugin.

Marketers who have promoted recent offers of mine:

Dave Guindon, Ian del Carmen, John Delavera, Colleen Slater, Vicki Nguyen, Derek Pierce, Bryan Winters, Heri Rosyadi, Ryan Stevenson, Tony Newton, Brad Spencer, Kathe Lucas, Mike Morgan, Shannon Herod, Matt Garrett, Edna Melendez, Brian Terry, James Campbell, Jeff Lam, Jeremy Kelsall, Ken Reno, Marian Krajcovic, Mike Lantz, Reed Floren, Richard Wing, Sam England, Scott Raven, Traian Turcu, the "Wacky Gals" (Kathe Lukas and Denise Hall), Scott Stamper, Shaun Texier, Shawn Anderson, and many more :-)

6 great reasons to promote 1-Click WP SEO:

High-quality product: This is a Wordpress plugin that people actually want. It helps users optimize their posts and pages for the search engines really quickly. The testimonials speak for themselves.

High commissions: You 75% commissions on both the personal and the developer's license, instantly paid to your Paypal account.

High-converting offer: I know how to write great ad copy, but other tthan that, the offer sells itself, because: a) The plugin is something people already want, b) the testimonials from other users do all the "convincing" and c) price goes up with every single sale, which creates urgency. Here are the sales that some of my other products have generated on the Warrior Forum alone:

Low refund rates: Many products in the "internet marketing" niche have a refund rate of up to 10%. My products only have a 2% refund rate maximum.

Ready made affiliate tools: I have already created an email swipe file and banners. This isn't the usual "hard-sell" crap you see all over the internet. The email uses a soft-sell approach that clearly explains the benefits, while the banners are "text-style" which are proven to convert.

I will reciprocate: If you have an offer that fits my growing list of subscribers and customers, I'll be glad to mail out for you. Here are a few quick examples of past WSOs I have promoted:

Request your joint venture promotional links from:

1-Click WP SEO Wordpress Plugin

1-Click WP SEO Wordpress Plugin Developer's License

Bonuses you can offer your list for buying through your link:

The following are two special reports I had written that had generated a ton of positive feedback. I have completely removed my name and any reference to my sites:

The #1 reason you fail online (and what to do about it)

How to overcome online information overload

You can create a page on your server that links to these bonuses. Or, you can just include the direct links to these zip files on my server:

Soft-Sell Email Swipe File:

Email body:


Right click on the banners below and save them to your PC. Then upload them to your site.






Who am I?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 9 years. My focus is on creating high-quality Wordpress plugins that create happy customers and happy joint venture partners. Oh, I also enjoy playing tennis when time permits! :-).

I hope we can become "business friends" and help each other grow our online businesses.

If you want to get in touch, just email me at
george.katsoudas.jv [at]

I'll be happy to send you a review copy of the plugin, as well as create any special set up you want for your customers.


George "The Greek" Katsoudas
Online affiliate marketer and product developer